Belgaqua is the professional federation representing the public services of drinking water and waste water treatment in Belgium and consists of three regional associations.

Conformity inspection

Conformity inspection of appliances that are connected to the water distribution network and certification of protections against water backflow.

Approval of materials

Belgaqua inspects the conformity of materials used by the Belgian distributors of water as required by the Hydrocheck system.

Reference book

Water Towers in Belgium: Unity into Diversity 

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Key figures

Water statistics 2016, Belgium

Surface water production 253.131.000 m3 (36,0 %)
Ground water production 449.689.000 m3 (64,0 %)
Total production 702.820.000 m3
Accounted for consumption 561.895.000 m3
Domestic consumption (l/pers/day) 95,5
Number of water services 53
Not-accounted for water volumes (*) 20 %
Staff of the water services (FTE) 6889
Number of connections 4.535.809
Length of the pipes (km) 107.757

(*): metering inaccuracy, network maintenance, fire fighting, public uses, losses,…