BELGAQUA activities:

  • follow the scientific progress in the field of drinking water production and supply,
  • exchange informations and professional experience between its members,
  • take part to standardisation work, at national level (NBN : Bureau Belge de Normalisation) and international level (CEN: Comite Européen de Normalisation, ISO: International Standards Organisation).
  • diffuse information, advice and recommendations to the public,
  • represent the Belgian Water Sector at Trade Fairs.

Other Belgaqua activities:

  • redaction of technical requirements for the connection of devices to the water supply network
  • the conformity control of such devices
  • the technical acceptance of backflow prevention systems
  • the attestation of fluids of category 3
  • the test of non-return valves and backflow protections according to the European standards. Contact us
  • the acceptance of materials in contact with drinking water (HYDROCHECK) - Listing

Internal commissions and specialist groups

Specialist Groups
  • Experts-private installations
  • Materials in contact with drinking water